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Montag, 5. April 2021, 22:47

"Escalation" - ein Szenario-Generator für moderne Counter-Insurgency (für Battlefront WW2 und andere Regelwerke)

Ahoi, Liebhaber enger Gassen und staubiger Hubschrauber-Landungen. Für Freunde englischer Sprache steht dieser Download zur Verfügung:…fJ_7GsEYJT7gayc

"This set of cards provides counter-insurgency missions and scenarios from the 1990s up to now. They are drawn up with Iraq and Afghanistan in mind, but could be used and changed for other regions and conflicts. The ideas and scenarios are based on the knowledge and research of their creators and are aimed at a gaming experience. We acknowledge that they cannot come close to the true realities and experiences of the actual conflicts.
The scenarios are inspired by phases of rising tensions in an urban or suburban environment. They are in part “outbreak-scenarios” – occasions, when a tense calm explodes into chaos and violence. In such an escalation, counter insurgency forces (COIN) will face insurgency forces (INFO).
There are different types of cards in this deck: Some define rules, missions or scenarios and assets. Together they aim to be a plugin for existing wargame rules.
This deck is designed to play with the Battlefront WW2 ruleset by Fire & Fury Games and its prototype unit cards for modern conflicts. This is by no means an official or licensed product.
Many other modern rulesets may play well with these scenarios. The card deck was designed to suit our favorite rules, miniature collection and understanding of the said conflicts: Feel free to make changes and to make this deck work better with your favorite rules.
Feel free to copy this card set for private use. Copyright lies with “Kriegsspiel mit Stil Berlin”. Critique and ideas go to"

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